Top Men’s Fashion Startups 2016

July 12, 2016

Top Men’s Fashion Startups 2016

Today’s economic environment in America can be summed up in one word – entrepreneurial. It is much easier today to start your own business with an idea with the Information Age taking care of capital needs from investors. Thanks to the Internet, budding business owners can post their brilliant ideas and designs on websites like Kickstarter or Indigogo to attract investors who are willing to fund turning those ideas into reality. This brilliant way of bypassing traditional methods of funding has triggered a boom of startup companies ready and willing to offer their ideas to the world.

The fashion industry is no stranger to the startup boom. Contrary to what people would think that fashion, as a whole, is static; it actually is quite the opposite. Fashion can even sometimes change so much and evolve so quickly that it can be hard to keep track of trends within it. So we’ve compiled a list of men’s fashion startups this year whether its men’s apparel startups or men’s accessory startups that cover all sorts of men’s fashion trends, this list should give you a good glimpse of the industry.

Trunk Club

This isn’t some sort of tailgate party organization, Trunk Club is an innovative new clothing service helps the fashion conscious in sourcing clothes and dressing up in them. The service gets a stylist to know you, find out what your fashion desires are and will provide you with their expertise. The service can be done personally in major cities that it’s available or it can be done over the comfort of your home with the stylist consulting with you over email and phone. Once you decide on what the stylist recommends they conveniently ship out the products to you in your very own trunk.


What do you get when you combine the efficiency and convenience of online shopping with the customization of an expert tailor? You get the hot fashion startup that is taking the world of men’s fashion America by storm. Bonobos is an experienced centered retail store that works like your trusty tailor just got connected online. You can tailor your outfit and selection online and then set an appointment at what they call Guideshops to get the full customization and idea of what you want. The product then gets shipped off to you very conveniently.

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply is a brand that envisions using advanced technology in the world of men’s apparel. The use of advanced material, robotics, thermal analytics and smart technology to make more comfortable, longer lasting, more efficient and cooler clothing is the goal of the company who is headed by an unlikely group of engineering graduates.

Endangered Apparel

While Endangered Apparel doesn’t bring the fancy technology that the Ministry of Supply brings in, it ushers in the usage of clothing for a deeply rooted cause. Endangered Apparel themes our clothing after animals that are on the brink of extinction. This creates awareness for these animals as they are subtly emblazoned on their apparel. In addition to the awareness they create, we actually give to endangered animal sanctuaries devoted to the cause of saving these animals. 20% of the our company’s profits from the purchases go to different animal sanctuaries for pandas, koalas, elephants and big cats.

Combatant Gentlemen

Combatant Gentlemen is a retailer that focuses on one thing alone, men’s suits and formal wear. No matter what year it is the genre of formal and boardroom wear will always have its niche customers. Combatant Gentlemen strives to lower the prices of their suits by eliminating middlemen and using the efficiency of online marketing and shopping to keep costs down.

So there you have some of the latest and the greatest this year. Don’t be left out and sample some of these innovative new startups now.