June 20, 2017


Wildlife never ceases to amaze, the cuteness of the creatures around the world is astounding. These are the cutest wild animals because it is inevitable to see one of their photos and not smile immediately. They look adorable when they sleep, eat and simply when they look at a camera to show their beauty.

1) Pandas

These beautiful bears live in the mountains of central China, their natural habitat are bamboo forests. Bamboo represents 90% of their diet and they spend at least 12 hours every day eating. Usually they are solitary but very friendly animals and are in danger of extinction due to the decrease of their habitats and illegal hunting.

2) Koalas

The majority of koalas live in Eastern Australia and are almost always found in eucalyptus trees because their diet is based solely on these leaves. The Koala can sleep up to 18 hours daily, but are sadly at risk of extinction due to the decline of Australian forests. Each koala requires at least 100 eucalyptus trees to maintain a healthy life.

3) Lions

Lions live in sub-sahara of Africa and Asia, especially on savannahs and dry lands. Their social structure is organized in packs, with the strongest male as the leader and they remain together throughout their life. Lion packs are very strategic and hunt in groups.

4) Elephants

These majestic mammals are characterized by being the largest in the world and can reach up to 4 meters and weigh 7000 kg. Elephants inhabit forests or swamps in areas of Africa and Asia. They can live up to 75 years and their diet is based on herbs, shrubs and plants. Unfortunately, elephants are at risk due to poachers and ivory dealers. It's unbelievable anyone would want to harm these cute creatures!

5) Red Pandas

Red Pandas are adorable creatures mostly found in Nepal, Myanmar and China. The red panda is really small, but has a thick tail with which it covers on cold nights. Normally they spend most of their time in trees and their diet is based on bamboo, fruits and roots.

6) Polar bear

These adorable white bears live in the northern hemisphere of the earth and are considered super-predators. They can measure up to 3 meters and weigh over 700 kilos, their coat and characteristic color perfectly adapts to the extreme conditions of their habitat.  The normal diet consists of sea seals and sometimes reindeer.

 7)  Penguins

These cute creatures spend most of their lives in the water and inhabit the southern hemisphere of the earth. For some types of penguins, it is not necessary to be in icy climates and some penguins even live in Australia.  Their diet is based on fish and penguinsin their natural habitat can live up to 6 years.

8) Otters

Otters are insanely adorable! These beautiful creatures are widely distributed throughout the world, inhabit lakes and oceans in America and Africa. Their diet is based on crabs, molluscs and fish. An otter can live up to 20 years and can be socially organized in different ways, sometimes in small families or independent individuals.

9) Sloths

These cute animals and are considered some of the slowest mammals on earth. They spend most of their lives sleeping in trees. Sloths can be found in different habitats all over the world, but are characteristic of Central and South America. Their diet of sloths normally consists of leaves and stems.

10) Dolphins

The dolphin is the most adorable marine animal! They live all over the world in the oceans and seas. Dolphins are extremely intelligent, playful and friendly. They normally live in very large groups and their diet consists of mainly squid or fish.

11) Foxes

These cute mammals live on almost all continents and can live up to 12 years. Foxes tend to be very lonely animals and hunt by themselves. Their diet consists of small animals such as squirrels and rodents.

12) Giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest terrestrial animals in the world and are found throughout Africa. Their habitats are mostly limited to the deserts areas of the Savanah. They can grow up to 6 meters in height and these amazing creatures only sleep 3 hours each day. They normally roam around in herds since it is a lot safer to protect themselves from predators. Their diet consists of leaves and branches.

You might not believe it, but all of these 12 animals have a lot in common. Besides being some of the most adorable wild creatures to walk this earth, they are also sadly at risk. Almost every animal on this cutest wild animal list is at risk of becoming endangered or close to it. Endangered Apparel is striving to protect endangered creatures and every item we sell directly helps wild animals.  If you are interested in reading more about the Most Endangered Species of 2017, then check out this post. If you are interested in helping wild animals, then feel free to check out the Endangered Apparel Shop and 20% of profits will go to helping endangered animals. 

Who is your favorite cute wild animal? Leave a comment below and tell us why!