Top 10 Most Endangered Animals List 2016

September 14, 2016

Top 10 Most Endangered Animals List 2016

Top 10 Most Endangered Animals List 2016

We have come far as a species in our existence here on Earth. We’ve harnessed machinery that uses contained explosions to take us places, we’ve laid out cables on ocean floors that allow us to communicate in real-time, we’ve explored beyond the fringes of our planet and ventured into outer space. Pretty impressive.

But despite all of these accolades that humanity has achieved we seem to have trampled on some of the other citizens of our planet. Progress, luxury, wants and a need to sustain a booming population has caused harm to some of our animal friends driving them from habitats, eating into their food sources and some hunted for the most fickle of reasons. Some of the destruction to these creatures is so widespread that some of them are very close to extinction. These animals are placed on what is called an endangered species list and we need to do everything we can to get them off this list.

Although the list is quite lengthy, here are just 10 of the animals that we know of popularly. We decided to use this endangered animals list of animals because it is shocking to think that one day our children or our grandchildren will never know what these creatures are and only see them in books, in pictures or on the Internet. This list in no way seeks to belittle the other animals that are not on here but are also endangered, it is equally imperative to protect them too.

  1. Giant Pandas

 most endangered animals panda

The Giant Panda, which also happens to be the symbol for the World Wildlife Fund, is a great ambassador for endangered animals. Wild but relatively gentle, the panda is an adorable creature that many have been able to admire in captivity. In the wild, however, the panda is hard to come by, as it is very reclusive. The panda faces danger from loss of its habitat, a low birth rate, a high cub mortality rate and the threat of poachers trying to hunt it down. Recently the Panda has been removed from the endangered species list, but is still considered 'vulnerable' status.

  1. African and Asian Elephants

most endangered animals elephant  

The mighty elephant is the largest land creature on the planet. It is a sight to behold with its size and its intelligence. The elephant unfortunately has something that some humans badly want. Their tusks are made of ivory, a material that makes beautiful objects, artworks and jewelry. The trade of this commodity was banned in 1989 but the hunting for them continues illegally.

  1. Lions

most endangered animal lion 

Unfortunately added to the Endangered Animals 2016 list, the king of the jungle was placed on the list that several monarchies on the planet are also on, the endangered species list. The lion was downgraded to this list following dwindling populations triggered by habitat loss and trophy hunting.


  1. Tigers

tiger most endangered animals 

The other mighty cat is about to go extinct with poaching and loss of habitat brought about by heavy deforestation as the key factors for their dwindling numbers. The Siberian Tiger is the subspecies most at risk with only about 300 left in the wild. The other more common subspecies, the Bengal Tiger, isn’t so common with only about 2,500 left in the wild.


  1. Blue Whales

 blue whale endangered

Sadly joining the largest land animal on the planet is THE largest animal on the planet. The Blue Whale, a gentle creature that feeds on a diet of plankton and algae was driven to near-extinction by whaling activities that have been popular from the 19th and 20th centuries. Their extremely low birth-rate makes it a long, uphill task before this species recovers.

  1. Gorillas

 most endangered animal gorilla

Mighty Joe Young may become Mighty No More with this brilliantly intelligent animal starting to disappear. Their habitats have slowly been encroached on by human settlement and they have been hunted due to ignorance, meat, trophies and magic talismans.

  1. Rhinoceros

 Rhino most endangered animal

The amazing rhinoceros is extremely endangered with numbers dwindling rapidly every year. They were hunted very heavily at the start of the 20th century for the fickle purpose of trophies and nothing else. As much as we’ve used this animal as a symbol of toughness, we never realize how vulnerable they truly are.


  1. Sea Otter

 sea otter endangered animals

This cute creature that seems to have perfected the art of the backstroke and chilling at the same time is not in such a chill situation. Their waterproof coat got them into a lot of trouble as they were highly desired and hunted to near-doom.


  1. Orangutan

 most endangered monkeys

It truly is sad to see another relative of the Homo Sapiens species on the verge of extinction because of our neglect. These very intelligent animals who are among the few who use tools have a limited habitat to begin with, only living in Borneo and Sumatra in Southeast Asia. They have been hunted for the exotic pet trade and have lost swaths of their habitats due to logging for human encroachment.


  1. Kiwis

 kiwi most endangered animals

Yes, that stocky, featherball of bird is on the endangered list. The national symbol of New Zealand has become the preferred menu of invasive predators to the island. These predators that are not native to the island were brought over by European settlers and include feral cats and pigs. The kiwi has not been able to evolve a defense system against these strange new neighbors and has fallen victim to their evil ways.

Did the animals on this list surprise you? I was shocked to see so many of the animals I knew of as a kid ending up here on this list. Even if we don’t volunteer to go over and try to save these animals in the wild we can do our fair share in supporting organizations that help endangered animals. Some brands like ours, Endangered Apparel, sell apparel to help animals. We have committed to sending 20% of profits to sanctuaries that help endangered animals making you a key part of the effort to ensure our posterity continue to enjoy them.