Men’s Fashion Trends of 2016

December 19, 2016

Men’s Fashion Trends of 2016

How we appear in relation to the times we live in has always been the stuff that comprises fashion trends. When looking back at fashion over the decades you would notice that it usually shows a reflection of the dominating factor the world has gone through and how people responded to them. For instance, the fashion statements of the 70s exhibited the carefree and rebellious spirit most people thought of as normal in earlier decades. Long unkempt hair both on your scalp and facial trims dominated men’s fashion in accordance with the spirit of the times. Here is a list of some of the top men’s fashion trends of 2016

Today, the year is 2016, we’re halfway in the 2010s and well into this next millennium. The signs of our times include highlights of the Information Age, more awareness about our health and wellness, causes to alleviate poverty and concern for the environment that is getting more and more in trouble. More specifically here are a list of fashion trends that we are seeing in 2016.

  1. Fifties Shirts

A more relaxed look is in mind when donning oversized polos and textured fifties shirts especially coming into the summer. It is advised to balance out the trend with tailored pants and accessories that don’t entirely make you look too relaxed so people can still take you seriously.

  1. Bomber Jackets

The bomber jackets reflect a seeming trend to emulate the 50s look. It seems that fascination for that bygone era will remain the trend with this accessory coming in as a fashion trend.

  1. Suspenders

In a look that glorifies the workingman and sets a statement that you’re willing and ready to get your hands dirty overalls have gone from utilitarian to fashionable. Suspenders complement the checkered shirts prevalent of the lumberjack look of not too long ago.

  1. Statement Sweaters

More and more people are expressing themselves in this day and age of awareness and fast moving news. The statement shirt follows the lead on this as it puts your social media news feed right on yourself. The statements on these shirts go from disgust at the opulence that are being shown by greedy individuals to more freedom of information.

  1. Clothing with an Environmental Cause

With the awareness of the imminent danger our planet and our animals are in starting to snowball the environment has become an increasing concern for everyone in this generation. These types of clothing take it one step further than the statement sweaters by actually helping the cause they are creating awareness for. People are purchasing brands that share their profits with several causes like animal sanctuaries or conservation efforts or oil cleanup efforts. This not only gives them a nice fashion sense but empowers them to actively help the cause. Endangered Apparel is one of these brands looking to help endangered animals


Those are the fashion statements of the upcoming summer this 2016 showing top apparel trends and ideas for top men’s apparel. Some of them may be old news in the upcoming year but in my humble opinion the trend for fashion with a cause that donates to particular movements like the environment will probably grow more in numbers and become even more popular in the Information Age.