Helping Endangered Animals 2016-2017

January 02, 2017

Helping Endangered Animals 2016-2017

2016 has come to a close and it has been successful year for endangered animals. During this time of the year almost every publication, from tv gossip shows to serious news programs, do a recap of all of the important events that unfolded over the last 12 months. We, at Endangered Apparel, decided that we should highlight a few of the important events that took place around endangered animals in the past year and how we are helping endangered animals.

  1. Pandas have been moved off the endangered list and are now in the category of vulnerable. We like to think that our fresh styles and social awareness helped accomplish this goal. The panda is still not out of the woods yet, its numbers are slowly growing, but the threat of climate change effects on the pandas food source, bamboo, bring the panda back onto the list. But we at Endangered Apparel like to hope for the best. The New York Times, has a great article covering the story.

2. Giraffes have been placed on the endangered list, which came as quite a shock to the world. The iconic animal, which is one of Africa's most unique megafauna, is undergoing an almost silent descent extension. They have lost over 40% of their numbers over the last 30 years. Which is a very alarming rate that is also seen in Lion, and rhinos total population numbers. These two later groups receive lots of attention. So hopefully the sad move of giraffes to the endangered list will raise awareness and action. The guardian has a great article on the stories development.

3. Harambe, was a western lowland silverback gorilla that was fatally shot by zoo keepers when a young boy fell into his enclosure. This story,  which means different things to many different people. Some it's the viral memes that exploded all over social media, to others it was a show of brutality, and to some a story of poor parental conduct. No matter how you feel about the occurrence, it has brought one positive. The exposure that the western lowland silver back gorilla is critically endangered. Although it is sad to see animals perish, hopefully this story will continue to bring awareness of this species need for help.
4. Elephants have been a core symbol for Endangered Apparel. It is one of the first animals that we decided to reach out and assist. Unfortunately the year of 2016 has not been kind to our large four legged friends. Elephants have  lost almost 1/3 or their total species in the last 7 years, according to an article posted on Take Part. With over 1.3 million savanna elephants that have been killed since 1979. It is sad what the poaching industry is doing to this magnificent creature.

These are only a few of the events that were seen in the animal world in 2016. Some were positive, some not so much. The yin and yang relationship that humankind has with our natural world will continue to play itself out in the future. One thing is very true, we strive to help those who are voiceless, because they cannot help themselves. We spread the awareness and inspire change, and keep the hopeful in 2017. We are looking forward to helping endangered animals with our apparel! 

If you want to support our cause, check out our store. All products directly help animals in need and 20% of profits are donated to animal sanctuaries!