Endangered Apparel 2017 Fashion Line

March 26, 2017

Endangered Apparel 2017 Fashion Line

Endangered Apparel Product Descriptions

Note: I thought you might want to keep the bullet points that you already have, and then edit these descriptions however you will. Let me know if you want anything adjusted :)

Elephant Polygon T-Shirt

Show your support for endangered elephants by purchasing this stylish elephant polygon tee shirt. This product is made in the USA with only the finest, durable quality threads to allow you to wear this shirt without having to worry about colors coming off in the washing machine. Our polygon design has received wonderful feedback, and is one of our top sellers. Discover today why this shirt is becoming popular where the wild things are, and help protect these wonderful creatures from vanishing.

Koala Hoodie (Polygon) 

Carry the spirit of Australian wildlife with you everywhere you go with this Koala Hoodie. These precious creatures may be irresistible, but their existence on Earth is threatened. The polygon design provides an impressive 3D view of the animal, while illustrating the need to protect these organisms. Koala numbers are starting to rise, but there is still much work to be done to make sure these animals thrive for centuries to come. As a result, we are still supporting koala sanctuaries until we are confident that they are no longer threatened. *Temporarily Out of Stock*

Koala Tank Tops (Unisex)

The Koala Tank Top allows you to journey deep into the outback in style. Take a safari with one of these koala tank tops to stay cool in hot sun. The polygon look is one of our most popular designs, and it can now be safely worn in the summer heat. Like all of our products, only the finest threads are used on all of our clothes. This will allow you wear/wash/repeat your koala tank top for years.

Koala Tee Shirt (Polygon)

If a koala tee shirt with our famous polygon design is what you are looking for, this design offers you numerous different designs and styles to allow you to personalize your activism. Take the Australian outback with you around the world, and make sure to spread the word that these wonderful creatures are threatened. We will take care of the rest, and make sure that your purchase supports a koala sanctuary. If you didn’t already know, their numbers are starting to rise, but we still have plenty of work to do! Like all of our products, you can rest safe knowing that your clothing will hold up through years of wearing and washing.

Panda Hoodie

If the panda is nearest to your heart, this panda hoodie will allow you support the survival of these animals, while sporting the stylish Endangered Apparel look known worldwide. Made with California fleece, this hoodie is designed to remain bright and smooth feeling for years. Next time it is a chilly day, show some love to our panda friends around the world who are fighting for their existence. *Temporarily Out of Stock*

Panda Tank Top (Men’s)

If you were to venture into the forests of China to try and see a wild panda, this is the kind of clothing you would want to wear. The panda tank top is designed to allow you to play hard in the blaring sun while showing your support for panda sanctuaries worldwide. Featuring many different colors, this tank top will be perfect for men of all personality and fashion types. We are starting to have a real effect on the lives of pandas, help us keep up the good work by sporting a Panda tank top.  

Panda Tank Top (Women’s Pink and Black)

Nobody said the pandas only look good in black and white. We may not be able to find, say, pink pandas in the wild, but their essence fits this color so perfectly, does it not? Of course, there are plenty of colors and designs available, so if a panda tank top is what you are looking for, this design will allow you to pick a color that best suits you and lifestyle.

Made of the finest polyester, cotton, and rayon available, this tank top will last for years of wearing and washing. Show some love for our panda friends around the world and purchase a panda tank top today. We will take care of the rest, and make sure your purchase directly supports a panda sanctuary.

Short Sleeve Women’s Koala T-Shirt

The Short Sleeve Women’s Koala T-Shirt is perfect for the woman who likes to personalize their form of activism. With over 20 different styles to choose from, this design will fit the needs of any personality. This, along with the comfortable 100% fine jersey cotton provides the durable and stylish look that you want. Our efforts to save the lives of koalas is starting to have an impact, help us finish the good work!

Slim Fit Elephant Polo (White)

If a more formal look is what you desire, then a Slim Fit Elephant polo is an option for you to consider. This polo features a plain color design with a small elephant to show your support for Endangered Apparel’s sanctuary financing. Featuring both black and white designs, these polos are great for just about any occasion, work or home. Most importantly, they are a great way to save lives buy simply wearing clothing. Made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, our polos are made to last through the washing machine over and over, and over.

Slim Fit Lion Polo (Black)

If the lion is your favorite endangered creature, show some love and help us build some more lion sanctuaries. This Slim Fit Lion Polo is a fashionable polo design featuring both black and white colors, and a stylish embroidered lion. Great for any occasion, home or work, these polos are made to last years of wear and use. The king of the jungle needs your help, help us help them!  

Slim Fit Panda Polo (White)

Pandas are nonviolent creatures that are continually under attack. Throughout the years, our efforts to save their lives have been successful, but we still need more help. The Slim Fit Panda Polo is great for all the panda activists who want to sport a stylish, and more formal look. With designs in both black and white, this polo will go great with a pair of jeans and a confident attitude. Help us make sure we keep panda sanctuaries active today.

Slim Fit Koala Polo (Black and White)

Our Slim Fit Koala Polo is the best way to sport a more formal look while supporting the growth of koala sanctuaries. In both black and white designs, this polo is a very personable representation of what makes the koala a special animal. Due to the efforts of many activists worldwide, the koala is starting to grow in population. However, we really need to grind out all of the remaining problems threatening our favorite outback animals. With your purchase, you will be directly financing the ensured safety of this wonderful species. It is always a great time to save lives.

Slim IPhone 6/6s

You don’t just have to purchase clothing or jewelry to save lives. This Slim iPhone case will fit on versions 6 and 6s. With our famous polygon koala design on this case, you can start making your activism a daily routine. The case has built-in shock absorbers which will make dropping an issue of the past. Just be sure not to chuck your phone across the room, and you can rest safe knowing that your both your phone and a koala are protected.

Women’s Racerback Panda Tank (Multi-Color)

By popular demand, we present the Women’s Racerback Panda Tank. This design is for the woman who lives an active lifestyle, but still wants to show some love to our panda friends fighting for their lives and habitats. With only the finest quality threads and fabric, this racerback will last you through plenty days of wear and abuse. With each purchase, we are one step closer to ensuring the survival of pandas, despite the problems facing them.