5 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2016

June 01, 2016

5 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2016

Ah, Dads, what would we be without them. Well, quite literally, we wouldn’t exist because they are half of whom we come from. But that’s stating the obvious. Yes, our fathers are the pillars of our upbringing, imbibing long-lasting values in us as we seek their affection and their approval on who we turn out to become in our lives. The world is such a better place with good dads, awesome pops, wonderful fathers and beloved papas to guide us and mentor us. Their impact on our lives is something extremely valuable and irreplaceable but it can be appreciated.

What better way to show our appreciation to “The Old Man” than by getting him something cool for the upcoming Father’s Day is June 19, 2016. It is difficult enough to find the best kinds of gifts for men especially if it’s as valuable as gifts for dad. Our dads come in all sorts of shapes, attitudes and sizes so we’ve put together a list of things that will appeal to all of them here are some of our ideas of gifts for Father’s Day. Below are the 5 Best Father’s Day Gifts. 

#1 Amazon Echo Wireless Speakers

The Amazon Echo has been out in the market for some time now but it still fascinates us. The voice controlled wireless speaker system turns you into Tony Stark with your very own Jarvis at home. This gift is perfect not only for audio geeks and techno geeks, it’s the perfect fit for any dad who just wants to relax and kick up his feet on the recliner. Or he could use this outdoors while lounging around on a nice summer day.

#2 iGrill Cooking/Grilling Thermometer

Most dads I know may not be gourmet chefs, unless your name is Tilly Ramsay. But for a fact almost every dad is a hardcore griller. The grill is usually the domain of almost every dad as he guarantees the finest grilled meats for his entire family. Well, what better way to make that food even tastier and your dad even happier than using this electronic thermometer. This device pairs with your smartphone through Bluetooth and allows your dad to oversee how the meat is doing on the griller. Giving him the chance to chill even more while listening to his Echo.

#3 Spotify Subscription

That commute to work can be quite a boring ride for your dad but it is something he does day in and day out to help provide for all of you as you grow up. The best way to help him with that drive is by spicing it up with customizable music for him. Whether your dad digs the rock stars of the 70s, the glam of the 80s or mixes it up with your One Direction a subscription to this music streaming service will be much appreciated by him. He can even use the service on that Echo you got him.

#4 Fitted Shirt by Endangered Apparel

Getting your dad some clothing is always a good idea that never goes out of style, well maybe it does if you decide to buy him bell-bottom jeans or corduroy. That’s why it’s essential to get him some clothing that fits our times both from a fashion sense and from the statement that it delivers. Endangered Apparel is a great choice to buy a shirt for him. The company makes very classy, fashionable shirts that pay tribute to some of our animal friends who are on the endangered species list like pandas, big cats, elephants and koalas. By purchasing from them not only do you get your dad something cool to wear but you also help our environment because Endangered Apparel helps endangered animals. When customers buy a shirt from them, 20% of their profits are donated to endangered animal sanctuaries helping them secure these animals for our posterity. Not only will you make your dad happy, you’ll make some of our animal friends’ dads happy too by ensuring their survival and care. (Use Coupon Code "FATHERSDAY" at checkout to get a special discount!)

#5 Anything from the Heart

Yes, dads are not perfect but what they value more than a brand new convertible sports car or a new boat is anything that comes from the most important and special people in their lives, their children. The mere act of getting something for him to remind him of how important he is to you and how you appreciate all he has done for you is enough to bring a tear to even the most hardened father.

So go out, get your old man something from your heart and make his day a special one.